Is It Time to Move On?

Is it the time? Do you really think so? Even in this economy to quit your job? Many think to themselves “I would love to get out of here – permanently.” How do you determine when it’s time to go? The decision to leave a job is huge and ranks up there with buying a … Read more

Salary Negotiations – The Dos and Don’ts

Embarking on a career search involves the ability to successfully negotiate on one’s own behalf when the opportunity presents itself. Really, anything is negotiable; with a little research, some planning, and patience – even a desired salary can be obtained. Part of the recipe requires belief in your abilities. Here are some tips to enable … Read more

The Art of Communicating Without Words

The spoken word is an important form of communication, however, it can be very limiting. Nonverbal communication actually tells a much more accurate story of what an individual is trying to convey. A study conducted by UCLA states that 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. This is critical especially in today’s world … Read more

5 ¾ ways to Strive and Survive This Year

Many people make New Year’s resolutions that are difficult to achieve. Oftentimes the resolution is too vague (I want to lose weight) or so unattainable (I will run a marathon) that they are abandoned very quickly. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, incorporate methodologies into your life that encompass the personal side as well as being … Read more

Who Am I and Does The World Agree?

Next step is to discuss with friends, family, coworkers and possibly your boss if these core values are evident to others. Feedback is important so you need to be as objective as possible and not to become defensive when you hear something disturbing or surprising. This is the stage for serious reflection so take as … Read more

I is for Interview

Interviewees need to realize that this is a date that may lead to a marriage but much discussion needs to occur so ask many questions to get a full appreciation of how the company operates and does it fit into your behavioral style. I – Investigate – on average a candidate has five interviews (some … Read more

Gold Star Success – How to Reward Your Employees and … Yourself

Nowadays some companies are experimenting with novel methods on how to motivate and reward their staffs which heuristics thrive and are highly motivated. One that is particularly interesting that Pink discusses is letting employees spend 20% of their time working on projects that the employee develops on their own. This allows for greater creativity and … Read more

I Spy…Social Media and Recruiting

Having been in the executive search business since 1986, I am very familiar with methods for vetting candidates. Besides the usual reference checking, credit and criminal investigative reports are being conducted by outside agencies mostly for executive level candidates but even more junior rank potentials are now being checked. In this world of technology we … Read more

To Use Assessments in Recruiting or Not?

Although it is easier now to screen candidates even before the first phone call is placed to a prospective candidate, it also makes it more challenging to decipher if the information on LinkedIn, etc. is accurate and depicts the person well. Companies have also downsized their recruiting staffs so the amount of time that a … Read more