Executive and Business Coaching: An Effective and Necessary Resource for Companies Today

“Coaching really energizes both me and my clients,” states Beth Carter. Carter Consultants was entering its 17th year as an executive search and research firm when Beth decided to broaden its product offerings. She explored various ideas and possible joint ventures and partnerships and decided that business and executive coaching would be the ideal for her and the company. Beth had been informally coaching in the areas of job transition, career building and communicating in the workplace for most of her 22 years in the executive search field so felt she had a basis to work with.

Her objective is to help her clients in achieving their goals by setting a direction and realizing that there are several options in order to move forward. Beth is known for her ability to be simultaneously tough and compassionate with her clients. Recognizing from her corporate experience that good ideas do not always translate into action, she sees the vital connection between articulating goals and actually carrying them out. She approaches each coaching partnership with a laser focus – first on determining the desired outcome, then on crafting a solid game plan and, finally and most importantly, motivating each client to move resolutely toward goal accomplishment.

Beth is especially skilled at providing solid, customized structures within which her clients can feel safe and supported as they take smart risks. Her clients describe her like this:

“She really listens, sums up the issues fast, and then devises a plan that fits the person,”

“She is a no nonsense coach who gets right to the point,”

“She expects a lot, but she is with you every step of the way.”

Her client base is quite varied. She works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives in Fortune 500 companies. Recently Beth served as a “thought partner” for an owner of a lighting design firm. This client had co-owned this company up to the year before and when he left, she was lacking motivation to market her services to gain new clients. Her disposition was a bit negative and she was behind in writing a newsletter that she sent out bimonthly. Beth initially had her client look at various ways to prepare her newsletter including reviewing past marketing material she had that would give her ideas and/or wording. Beth also suggested a “reward” once the newsletter was finished and to create a plan for future concepts to write about so that the client would not be in the same predicament again. Next step was hiring an intern that would not only reduce her workload but could also bring fresh ideas into the company. With a bit of trepidation, the client found one that she likes so much, she wants to make him a full time employee. He helps with drafting, marketing and has really made the atmosphere in the office very positive. Currently her goal is to focus her efforts on creating a new brochure and reviewing her marketing plan in terms of which events she attends and how she can take her company to the next level. After six weeks of coaching, her attitude is much more upbeat and she has gained confidence in the decisions she is making.

Beth is currently creating a coaching consortium with three other partners. Most of these colleagues she knows while attending a workshop through the College of Executive Coaching where she received her coaching certification. Exemplar Consulting Partners is a compassionate and distinguished group of professionals that come from diverse backgrounds including social work, business administration, management and clinical psychology. They have joined forces to offer clients a unique coaching experience. This organization offers assessments, group and individual coaching services and workshops that provide the right mix to have the client(s) achieve their goals.

Inspired by her father’s philosophy that “talk is cheap unless it is accompanied by action”, Beth has always strived to follow through on her aspirations. She has learned that by asking questions and persisting regardless of the obstacles that she faces, she has succeeded in creating a thriving business and having a fulfilling life.

Let Beth’s proven track record, laser focused coaching and worldwide network of professional and personal contacts benefit your company by calling her today.

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