Professional Fees

Fees for our research and recruiting services are based on a per hour basis plus expenses. We will bill for actual time expended, so when a project takes less time than anticipated, you will be billed for that lower amount. Expenses typically include telephone charges, fax, Internet fees and directory fees, if applicable. Any other expenses (i.e., advertisements, travel, etc.) will be approved by the client prior to being incurred. All of our research and recruiting work is done on a retainer basis and payment is not contingent upon hiring decisions. By billing in this manner, a client can achieve considerable cost savings compared with traditional firms. We establish a budget with a client and provide weekly or “as needed” status reports of our progress. Change in scope may require additional hours which will be discussed with the client prior to the work commencing.

For executive, business and career coaching and HR consulting services, we bill on a project basis based on the assignment. We offer group and individual coaching in addition to conducting assessments for middle managers and executives. Assessments, travel, hotel accommodations and other expenses will be incurred by the client with prior approval.