Staying Put

Why It Makes Sense to Stay with Your Current Job As the economy continues to improve, senior leaders are facing a major dilemma. It is anticipated by industry experts that the turnover rate in the U.S. for 2014 will be 23%. That means close to a quarter of employees will walk out of their companies’ … Read more


How good a negotiator are you? Do you push back or do you not try to counteroffer? Many people do not realize that most products and services are negotiable. When you buy a car it is expected to haggle with the salesperson over price but why is that not the case in other scenarios? In … Read more

Five Tips for Hiring Managers

The following are five effective tips to help hiring managers when recruiting quality candidates: 1. The LinkedIn profile is like an advertisement Not only should your LinkedIn profile be up to date but so should the members of your team or department. Candidates want to be able to not only research the future boss but … Read more