Executive & Business Coaching

Due to the great demand in the workplace for immediate results and to be a more effective business leader in that type of environment, executives and middle managers may need guidance in improving their approach to their staff and other issues in the organization. Executive, leadership and management development, team building, motivating employees, keeping staff on task, and the generational differences of Generations X and Y, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists are key areas that organizations are looking to be more effective.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the corporate world puts us in a unique position to help others navigate the constant competition, change and life balance conundrums characterizing today’s workplace. Other services we offer include conducting assessments that highlight strengths and pinpoint areas that need improvement and then developing a coaching plan that outlines specific goals and parameters.

There may also come a time where it is necessary to re-evaluate your current job situation and possibly look for new employment. By serving as a “thought partner” in providing guidance in creating a career planning strategy, we can assist in helping to secure a new opportunity. Such areas include resume writing, interview preparation, identifying contacts, and salary negotiations.